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FREE Services!!

FREE Services!!

Personal Safety Services
We may live in a dangerous world, but we can learn to live safely and confidently in it. The Foundations Self Defence Program offers the following training & products
ABC’s of Self Defence 
A - Awareness: (a) Avoidance strategies (b) Overcome the Victim Mentality and project the right message (c) Understand the predatory mind and how it selects its victims (d) Understand the adrenal state and how your own mind functions under duress (e) Acquire the Fighting Mind-set
B - Boundary Setting: (a) Recognize the predators opening interview (b) Deescalate any threatening situation through assertive boundary setting – verbal defense, body language, and eye contact
C - Combat: (a) As a last resort, learn to save life by neutralizing a stronger more experienced assailant (b) This training builds the confidence necessary to effectively apply the above avoidance and de-escalation strategies, making a physical confrontation less likely
Armed Combat
  • Protection Sprays
Expected Training Benefits
  • Overcome fear through proven personal protection training
  • Recognize the warning signs and avoid threatening situations
  • Avoid predators by not looking like a victim
  • Acquire basic survival techniques
  • Use the power of your voice and body language
  • Use the power of fear, not be paralyzed by it
  • Harness adrenaline to defeat aggressors
  • Protect yourself with simple & effective self defense techniques
  • Safety techniques boost your confidence in any hostile confrontation

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