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Teambuild Footage!!

Teambuild Footage!!

Self Defence Teambuild
Teambuilding through Self Defence Training

Teambuilding through Self Defence Training

  • Protect Human Assets - be safe, feel safe
  • Winning Mindset - overcome the victim mentality!
  • Morale - confidence, motivation, optimism, spirit
  • Teamspirit - relationship building  
  • Skills - commnication, conflict, stress, sexual harassment 
Program Details
Teambuilding & Safety Training:
We may live in a dangerous world, but we can learn to live safely and confidently in it! Our Self Defence Program covers the ABC’s of Self Defense:

A - Awareness: (a) Avoidance strategies (b) Overcome the Victim Mentality and project the right message (c) Understand the predatory mind and how it selects its victims (d) Understand the adrenal state and how your own mind functions under duress

B - Boundary Setting: (a) Recognize the predators opening interview (b) Deescalate any threatening situation through assertive boundary setting – verbal defense, body language, and eye contact

C - Combat: (a) As a last resort, learn to save life by neutralizing a stronger more experienced assailant (b) This training builds the confidence necessary to effectively apply the above avoidance and de-escalation strategies, making a physical confrontation less likely
  • From 1 hour to multiple days – depending on numbers, objectives, timing, and syllabus 
  • Costs determined by syllabus, timing, and numbers
  • FREE talk option available – conditions apply
  • Contact us for a personalized quote
"Without a doubt the most Powerful Teambuild Activity our company has ever done!!"

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