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Diversion Safes

Diversion Safes

Personal Safety Products
Self Defense Products

"The best Self Defense Weapon in the world is the one you have on you". Just carrying a weapon changes the message you subconsciously project, making predators far less likely to target you. We advise something non-lethal, that you can use at a distance - see our unique brand of Imported Personal Protection Sprays

Surveillance Systems

Whether you have a large or small area to secure, one of our DVR systems will work for you. Not only will this system digitally record video, but if you have Internet access you can see what is going on in real-time from anywhere in the world. Available in a wired or wireless version complete with cameras, a DVR and all necessary cables and components

Hidden Cameras

These everyday items have tiny cameras hidden in them. They are easy to use and easy to install. Use these hidden cameras to protect your property at your home, office, your children, and your pets to give you peace of mind. Many of them are very portable, easily moved from room to room or place to place. All of them are hand-crafted in the USA. Our Wireless cameras transmit up to 1000 feet line of sight and about 300 feet through walls. Black and white cameras feature .003 Lux which allows best possible images in almost complete darkness

Diversion Safes 

The best place to hide anything is in plain sight. A burglar spends an average of 8 minutes in the victim’s home. Put the odds in your favor, hide your valuables in plain sight. The diversion safes are a unique home-security product. We offer a wide variety of personal care, household products and food containers with removable tops and bottoms. Valuables can be discreetly stored inside these look-a-like containers and kept in their seemingly rightful places. Each is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full

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