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The Directors and Management of Bearing Man Ltd would like to thank you for the phenomenal teambuilding event that you facilitated at our annual conference held in the Drakensberg.
We felt the interaction and camaraderie that developed during the event was extremely beneficial to our organisation and we are grateful for your involvement in assisting us to move into a “FIRED UP” era

Firewalk Initiation:

Firewalk Initiation:



  • Personal Empowerment - vs fear orientated perspective
  • Morale - confidence, motivation, optimism, spirit
  • Teamspirit - create a welding link between team members


Firewalking originated as a “rite of passage” among elite warrior societies - a mental preparation of the warrior for battle. The Firewalk is a model for fear and possibilities, revealing the inner enemy as more dangerous than any external threat / situation!! A relevant business message in tough times…
Firewalking is a proven change catalyst, and dynamic model for growth. When presented correctly, walking on fire literally and actually changes people!! It builds morale - confidence, motivation, optimism, and spirit - fundamental to positive performance and lasting prosperity

Our Facilitator 
  • Norman Cooper of The Phoenix Foundation is a highly qualified and experienced Teacher, Trainer and Mentor. As professional speaker and facilitator, he conducts seminars, retreats and mentorship programs throughout South Africa. He has a psychology, criminology, and training background
  • Over the last 25 years, he and his brother / business partner have successfully run more than 3000 Firewalk Workshops in various countries, and trained and qualified almost 30 instructors worldwide. Their clients include large educational institutions, national sports teams, military and law enforcement groups, and a series multinational companies
  • The Cooper's also holds a number of world-records: both youngest (4yrs old – 2001) and oldest (86yrs – 2012) persons recorded; longest walk up until 2006 (75m – Colorado, USA); and most people taken by one facilitator at a single event (Metropolitan, Sun City, 2003) 
  • Simply put, you are in safe hands!! 


Usually 1-2 hours. Can be extended or shortened based on objectives and schedule 


Cost determined by numbers and location. Contact us now for a quote

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